Sunday, November 15, 2015


“Broken” is a word many find uncomfortable but it just means a deep surrender to the authority of your wife and subsequent obedience after you have been “broken”. I don’t think crying is necessarily a part of it although crying is a sure sign it has occurred. To me being broken means you accept totally your wife’s authority, give up any rebellion and accept punishment from her without argument or resistance. It happened to me the first time with a girlfriend before I met my wife. With her at that time I sometimes stopped a spanking when she took it far beyond anything I wanted or thought I could take. This greatly annoyed her and eventually would have destroyed our relationship. But this time something happened when I reached that point because one second I knew I had to stop it and the next I was telling myself I deserved what I was getting ( I really did) and I had an obligation to take it until she was done. I just let go to the pain and the embarrassment and stopped struggling against the spanking. Before she was done my bum was completely numb and I was limp and crying over her lap. Usually when she spanked me she told me I was getting a lesson in obedience or she was going to teach me obedience. After that spanking I told her I had learned that lesson but another way I could have put it was that I had been broken or disobedience had been broken, all the same thing I think. As far as I remember I never resisted her spanking me after that and I have never disobeyed my wife when she told me I was getting spanked. So for me at least after I was broken to a woman’s authority it was permanent.