Sunday, November 15, 2015

Stumbling Into a Spanking

Reading about all these semipublic spankings makes me wonder if anyone who wasn’t supposed to ever stumble into one of them. That happened to me once years ago although the spanking was actually administered in my buddy’s kitchen by his wife so technically I suppose it wasn’t semipublic. My buddy (who goes unnamed) and I had a regular Saturday morning golfing date when I would pick him up at his house early morning and we would grab breakfast before hitting the links. This time he wasn’t waiting outside for me so I opened the kitchen door off the deck to call him. Instead what I saw froze me in my tracks. My buddy, pants and underpants around his ankles was over his wife’s lap while she was vigorously spanking him with a strap of some kind. He was in no position to see me but she did and smiled ever so slightly as I backed out the door. I drove around the block probably a dozen times hoping he would be out waiting for me so I wouldn’t have to go back in. But he wasn’t so I went to the front door and knocked to be met by his still smiling wife who said he “was running a little behind” and would be out soon. In another ten minutes or so he did come out looking I suspect like I do just after my wife warms my ass but he didn’t say anything about it or even acknowledge he was late. As far as I know he has no idea I saw it (unless his wife told him) and he probably has no idea my wife spanks me too. It’s weird when I think about it. We are still good friends and both have wives that spank but we have never shared any of it with each other. Two women in the same situation would probably talk it to death. Go figure