Friday, June 13, 2014

Recent Spankings

My most recent spanking was my weekly maintenance spanking this past Sunday evening - it my usual maintenance spanking - about a hundred whacks of the paddle/hairbrush (this week it was with the Vermont brush) - bare bottom, otk - and sobbing for at least half of it. My wife believes that all husband spankings - even maintenance - should result in tears for it to be truly effective (with the occasional exception of a playful or sexual spanking).

However, the spanking before was on Memorial Day - and it was quite memorable. My wife's sister eventually came to learn of our lifestyle and over the last couple of years has witnessed a few of my spankings, a couple of times holding my legs at one end of the couch while my wife paddled me at the other end of the couch. So, it was no big shock, when on Memorial Day, as the three of us were together around the kitchen table, that I was told to drop my drawers and bend over the table following an unfortunate sarcastic remark that had slipped out. What was shocking though was my wife returning from the bedroom with two paddles and then handing one over to her sister. She said that since I had been rude in front of both of them, that I deserved a good whacking from both of them - whereupon, one got on each side of me, and they proceeded to take turns whacking my rear end. I got about 25 from each with plenty of sting, yelping, and dancing but without the steady rhythm I was able to resist the sobbing that my wife almost always brings me to within the first 30 or 40 whacks. But - then my wife asked my sister to "finish me up" and to give me about 50 good whacks without stopping. Well, she had watched my wife enough, and was warmed up enough, that she went at it with a gusto, and to my shame, she reduced me to tears about half way through. But I could not help but appreciate her pose as I got up and pulled my pants up - leaning back against the wall, arms crossed and still holding the paddle, with a satisfied, smug look on her face. Both sisters seem to be natural DWC ladies - although neither realized it till middle age. For me, it was a milestone - my first adult spanking by another lady, but I have already been assured it won't be the last - for starters, her sister will be administering my weekly maintenance spanking one weekend next month when my wife is out of town for business. --Al